Open a Command Prompt with Local System privileges

So, we both know that you can use the “AT” command ( to schedule jobs as Local System.

Guess what? Use it to open a command prompt as local system! Genius! I can’t take credit though, link to source.

Copy Pasta below:

Windows XP
1. Open a command prompt > CMD
2. Run the ‘at’ command with the following syntax: “at hh:mm /interactive cmd ”
3. At the time in the command a new command prompt window will open. This window is running as local system.
4. In the new command window test the permissions. Example: “net use * server\share”

hh:mm = is the time in 24 hour time at which you want the new DOS box to open.

Windows Vista/7
Download PSTools from SysInternals. You will use the file named PSexec.exe.

1. Find the shortcut to the CMD prompt (Start, type CMD in the search box and wait for it to locate it…should be pretty fast). Once it locates it, right click it and choose to “Run as administrator”. (Do this even if your user account is an admin.)
2. Once the command prompt opens, change the directory path to the location of PSexec (unless psexec is in a folder in your PATH already).
3. Type the following line. (-i is for interactive, -s is to run as system)

psexec -i -s cmd.exe

4. Once you hit enter, another command prompt will open that will be running as the system account (NT Authority\System).

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